Boys' Room

As you can see, we haven't done much yet with the boys' room (other than the matching quilts in the colors they chose, which my mom sewed up and we tied together). You can't see it in this picture, but Malachi's crib is on the other wall, next to the door, so all three boys are sleeping in the same room, leaving not much extra space. This spurred our decision to find a neat way to store the toys, so they could go out in the adjacent loft.

At some point we (well, I) would like Sam to paint that room, with some kind of mural that would be suitable for both babies and bigger kids. Here is what we did in our old house (which I was sad to leave; too bad you can't take walls with you when you move):

This was the nursery---Sam did the clouds using stylized, iconic (is that the word I want?) shapes, rather than making them super-realistic. There are animal shapes (of course) in the clouds and I love the sunset-type lighting in the room. There are mountains and a few flowers around the bottom border.

This is the Jungle Room--Sam painted it when Abe was about 2, and later Sebby slept in there too. We kept the original wall grey-ish color, and just painted sky on top, and jungle below. We wanted it to look kind of realistic and cool, not too cutesy or cartoon-y. We worked on it together---Sam would sketch out big shapes and I'd fill them in with paint, and then he'd go along and put in the details on top. It was fun--we like doing projects together. :) We also put hooks up to hang monkeys from. I LOVE this room, but the trouble was, lots of the cool little intricate details got covered up (like the tiger in the corner, and other little insects and animals and flowers) when we put furniture in. So next time, maybe we'll try to do something with the details up higher.


  1. this is truly incredible! what talent you both have!

  2. It is amazing what you have done togther, must've been fun. I'm looking for ideas for my kids rooms. A boy and tewo girls.


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