Hot or cold?

Here's a little puzzle I've been pondering today: is it harder to be cheerful when I'm too hot, or when I'm too cold?
I think hot, but I'm trying to find evidence to support it. Such as:
1. Being too hot makes me have less energy. Any little effort, like having to go upstairs, again, to tell the boys to stop kicking the walls, again, wears me out and makes me much more annoyed than the situation warrants.
2. If I'm too hot, I'm sweaty and I hate that. Especially when I realize I smell bad, and how long have I been smelling bad?
3. You can't really do anything about it if you're too hot, like go get a sweater on. You can strip off your clothes but only to some extent . . . especially since we don't have blinds on the windows yet (that doesn't stop our neighbor though--remind me never to look over there at night again!)
4. Sometimes being hot gives me a headache. I don't think being cold gives me a headache.
5. Sleeping is hard when you're too hot. (Also hard when you're too cold, though.) Maybe it's easier to remedy the cold by wrapping up in your blankets? (see #3)
6. Too hot makes things melt, and that's messy and yucky. Like butter, ice cream, popsicles, cheese (not in a good way--like have you ever been transporting grated cheese in a baggie in your car when it's too hot? It gets all separated and oily-looking--not like a yummy grilled cheese sandwich). What does too cold do? It can kill the yeast in your bread, but that's not messy, at least.
7. Too hot=people in speedos and short shorts. Too cold=people in puffy coats and boots. Really, which would you rather see?

It just reminds me that my character is woefully weak, because I have air conditioning, and I don't even live in Arizona or somewhere like that. AND I don't have to go outside and pull a handcart under the hot sun with 2 children clinging to my skirts and another suckling at my bosom.

What will it take to give me the type of sunny disposition that could be cheerful even when TOO HOT? Years of practice? This is why I think I will probably live to a ripe old age.

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