Baby quilt

Today at church a lady was telling about how she married a divorced guy and got an "instant family" of four kids. A few weeks after she got married she was feeling sorry for herself, thinking, "I have 4 kids, but I never got any baby showers, I never got any meals brought to me, I never got any presents," etc. One day she came home and saw a present wrapped up on her porch, and inside was a handmade baby quilt from her neighbor. The neighbor's note said, "I was just thinking, you never got any baby showers or quilts anything for your kids, but you're still a new mom, so I made you this quilt."

What amazes me about this story (besides how cool the neighbor was to think of such a thing) is that the lady who told it admitted right up front that having those kind of self-pitying thoughts wasn't the way she wanted to be; that is, she wasn't "in the right" by feeling sorry for herself that way. But---God wanted to bless her anyway---and inspired the neighbor to help her through her hard time---even though yes, her hard time was kind of her own fault because she was being a bit silly and selfish.

Which is so great---to think that the Lord loves us that much! That he'll send us help and comfort, even when we're feeling sad about something silly; something we know we shouldn't be upset by, but we just are anyway. (Practically everything I get upset by falls into this category. But I, too, have received these kind of blessings for things I feel stupid for not being able to deal with.)

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  1. I'm always astonished at the realization that God will bless us with WHATEVER we want. I already have my physical and spiritual needs met, but He'll still bless me with things that make me happy! I can't believe He loves us that much. How can He love every person in the whole world as much as I feel He loves me?


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