The Little Things, part II

Okay, I'm thinking that maybe just one example is not convincing enough. Here are a few other "little things in life" that my boys love (but will not be the subject of any precious scrapbook sayings such as "snakes and snails are what little boys are made of"--or whatever it is):

1. Saying, "Oh, mercy! What . . . on . . . earth?" (that's from A Woggle of Witches)

2. Carwashes, specifically:

  • "flap brushes"
  • "air dryers"
  • "paying thing" (credit card machine)
  • "tendants" (they got a lot of this stuff from a book where the carwashes had attendants)
  • "soap sprayers"
  • "tubes"
  • "propeller-sprayers"
  • "the track"
  • "red light-green light" (the lights that tell you to pull forward)

3. Fwuffballs

4. Picking their noses (sorry, I don't like to admit it, but. There it is.)

5. Oxygen concentrators (thanks, Grandpa)

6. Biting their food into the shape of a crescent moon

7. Burping and saying "pardon me" over and over and over and over

8. Making up little songs (one that comes to mind goes like this: "Factory, Factory, Boom! Boom! Boom!")

9. Water sprinklers

10. Tapping people on the shoulder from afar with anything that is long (examples: a stick, a drinking straw, a water noodle, a broken piece of hose, a drumstick, a recorder, a pair of tongs, a watering can spout)

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  1. Max loves carwashes too! He calls them octopuses for some reason.
    He also loves to burp and say excuse me, fake or real it doesn't matter.
    Little boys are so so funny!


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