Wait for me!

*Photo by Kayla Terry

Last night as I was going to sleep there was lightning all over the sky. It was up in the clouds, and it must have been far away, so it was just these eerie, silent flashes going on and off in the dark. I love lightning, so I was trying to stay awake and watch it, and then I'd start falling asleep and another flash would be so bright it would come through my eyelids and wake me up. Every time I woke up I would think, "Oh no, I missed some!" and try to keep my eyes open again. Finally I fell all the way asleep, no doubt missing some more of the storm, and it made me think how much I hate missing out on things.
Like, it was almost weird for me to think that the lightning would keep going on whether I watched it or not---and whether or not I wanted it to wait until I was awake again so I could watch it. And it was sad, too. I guess maybe I haven't lost all of that little-kid sense of the world existing just for my sake, and it always surprises me to learn of fun or cool or interesting things that have been going on without me. I don't like it. So stop it! Stop doing all those fun, exciting, cool things you are doing, now, right this minute, as I am sitting quietly in my kitchen making ricotta cheese (waiting for the milk to heat). I don't want to miss out on any of it. You may resume your regular schedule once I have joined you.
Thank you.

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  1. I've been enjoying all of your "little things" posts. Reading them reminds me of the distinct pleasure that comes in suddenly regaining the company of an old friend.


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