I have a glass jar of cotton balls sitting in my bathroom, and every time Sebby goes past he asks, "May I have a fluffball, Mommy?" (Only of course it comes out "fwuffball," which makes it hard to resist.) He seems so happy when I give him one and he can rub it up and down his cheeks, saying, "Furry and fwuffy!"

However, I am starting to reconsider the wisdom of giving in to these requests:


  1. Gah! Like little mouse droppings everywhere. I'm not going to listen to his complaints that he can't find his fwuffball any more.

  2. I love that Seb likes fwuffballs. I'm going to get him some for his birfday.
    If this had happened at my house, I swear, it would have been kid "droppings" instead of fwuffballs.
    We have "issues" at our house...we have special children with special needs


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