The Produce Expert

I like to stand in the grocery store picking out my produce: hefting it, sniffing it, turning it around, squeezing it, etc. I imagine that the other shoppers are surreptitiously watching me and thinking, "That woman knows her produce!" I like knowing what to look for in a good melon, or onion, or whatever. (Of course, if I don't know what to look for, that doesn't stop me: I always lift and examine and feel several options anyway.) But mostly I have learned, by experience, how to choose what I like, and it makes me feel very homemaker-y and pleased with myself.

And in case you're wondering: in a cantaloupe, look for a lighter yellow background (as opposed to the kind of dark-greenish you sometimes see), and push with your thumbs on the blossom end of the fruit to find one that has just a little give to it.

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  1. Tip #2: don't buy potatoes that smell moldy. Sniff out the potatoey, dirt-smelling ones.


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