Landscapes can also be rendered in jelly

While I'm not a fan of the ubiquitous (and much-overused) Utah Jello Joke, I AM a fan of jello, and was therefore quite pleased to see the following:

Yes, it is St. Paul's Cathedral of Jello. It is described as follows:

Bompas & Parr are jellymongers, creating fine jellies that were traditional staples at good tables. They design bespoke moulds and curate culinary events such as the Architectural Jelly Banquet that was part of the London Festival of Architecture. Jelly, thanks to its consistency and capacity to hold a variety of forms, lends itself very well to architectural sculpture, as demonstrated by the model of the St. Paul Cathedral shown above. Landscapes can also be rendered in jelly, as can a range of more abstract concepts and shapes, all in many different colours, from pastels to brights. Their "jelly airport" serves 250.

Ah, the English. Things I like about the preceding paragraph:

  • they call it "jelly" rather than "jello"
  • "Jellymongers"!
  • "The Architectural Jelly Banquet"!! Why don't we have one of these?
  • Would you have thought to praise jello for its "consistency and capacity to hold a variety of forms"?
  • The offhanded comment, "Landscapes can also be rendered in jelly." Wonderful.


  1. I feel the same way about Utah jello jokes. After reading this post, I can also say I feel the same way about jello landscapes. Awesome.

  2. Marilyn, I'm back to tell you that I spend an enormous amount of time in South Jordan. So much so that your question made me chuckle. My parents live there, and they just can't get rid of me. I wondered if you were perhaps living in my neck of the woods when I saw those temple pictures you posted a while back.

    I would love to be a running buddy. However, you should know that I am a very slow runner. Consider yourself warned.

  3. I love Gelatin. I enjoy calling it gelatin instead of Jell-o (as it is a brand name). I think that the only solution would be for you to hold a Jelly Banquet yourself. I would be happy to attend and furnish my own moulded jelly, although I don't currently have any landscape molds.


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