Gifted and Talented

What's the deal with using "gift" as a verb? I've been reading it everywhere. "Super-duper Green Eco- Enviro- Earth-lovin' Organic Cleaners, Inc. would like to gift one lucky reader a free cleaning product!" Or "This lovely tufted bedspread was gifted to me by my friend, Vanessa."

Am I missing something? Don't we already have a word for that: give? What's wrong with "give"?? "Gift", to my ear anyway, sounds pretentious and silly.

I will gift you a dollar if you can explain this to me.

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  1. I'd liked to gift you some high quality cooking gelatin. And I'm pumped about the banquet... a little intimidated since you guys are all artistic and all but I'll let you know when the boys are off oxygen and a little more portable.


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