Breads class

Despite my total lack of credentials (except perhaps my Home Ec. degree?), I find myself with the delightful opportunity to teach a class on bread-baking next Friday evening as part of the "Daybreak Culinary Academy."  I'm going to show how to make my whole wheat bread, artisan bread, the pretty "braided" herb bread below, and cinnamon/orange rolls.  Yum.

More information here.


  1. Wait, you have a home ec degree? All these years I thought it was piano performance. Also, having eaten your bread I assure you that you are QUITE qualified for this. If you have leftovers I'll gladly drive up and take them off your hands.

  2. Oh, phooey. YOu and your stuck up old special community. If you were really a woman of the people you would just MAKE orange rolls and bring them down to the more food-challenged communities. Like my house.

  3. Chelsea: She got a double major, one degree in piano and a second in Home Ec. Although her ratio of piano playing to home eccing in recent months has left the a piano sad and lonely instrument but the kitchen a bright and lively place. Personally, I wish she'd bring the world a little more into balance, I miss the piano (but an orange roll or two often makes me feel a little better).

  4. Marilyn!!!! I'm in Provo for the next few weeks and would love to attend (simply because I'm DESPERATE to learn the fine art of making wheat bread from a friend/pro such as yourself). Unfortunately, I was invited to a shindig and can't wiggle out of it. So bummed! I'll try out your recipe, though. Sounds like a fabulous evening!


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