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I think I like to cook because it is so immediately rewarding.  And I don't feel a nagging feeling that I should be spending more time at it (one of the few things in my life of which this is true).  Of course sometimes I have my failures, and sometimes it takes several tries to perfect a recipe, but for the most part, I can cook something and appreciate it (and even have others appreciate it!) that same day, and I love that. It's so fulfilling. Whereas playing the piano (for example), while certainly rewarding in the long term, is so hard to keep up on. Even if I manage to find time to practice a little, it's never the amount of time I NEED to practice to sound really good. And although I can work on some part of a piece of music and see improvement in half an hour, I never seem to keep it up consistently enough to improve the ENTIRE piece of music at once. By the time I've moved on to the end of the piece, the beginning sounds bad again. Very discouraging.  (And running: same thing.) 

Another thing that is fulfilling to me is having people over for dinner (and of course cooking---see above). I don't feel like I'm ever really the life of the party or anything, but I just enjoy listening to everyone else's funny remarks and laughing with them and learning about what other people are thinking about. And I always feel so proud of myself for having such cool friends. It's not that I really DID anything to deserve being proud of myself, except that I always think "I brought these people together---so I made this happen" and it pleases me to see people I like getting along with other people I like, and liking each other. So every time someone else says something clever or funny, I feel proprietary, like I can take some of the credit for my cool friends, because I created a situation for them to be cool in. I think it's just as satisfying for me as if I myself were the one being witty and funny and entertaining.

And lastly.  Sam has kindly numbered the cans in our food storage so we know which ones to use first.  However: what on earth is this?


  1. Oh, that Sam. He's so darn artsy. I'm guessing it's a five in a state of angst. You think it could be that?

    I wish I felt the same way about cooking. No satisfaction or pleasure in it for me, oddly. But I DO know what you mean about getting people together. We have one big party - at Christmas. An ornament exchange - and not only do people have to make ornaments, they also have to bring festive treats. So it's a real crazy, scrap quilt of a shindig - same friends for about 30 years.

    In the middle of this party, sometimes I just go upstairs alone. I can hear them all talking and laughing downstairs, all these people we picked out of so many different planets - old college roommates, musicians, writers, ward members, horse owners, librarians - quiet a few of them are artists of some kind, but not all by a long shot. All are interesting and funny and after meeting together every year for the last thirty, they are now friends.

    I did this. I brought together people matched solely because the thing they had in common was that I love them. So when I'm upstairs, sometimes I just sit for a moment, listening to them enjoy each other, and I feel really good. Like my part of it - the setting the organizing - is over, and the rest of it is pure satisfaction and peace.

  2. It looks like a 3 that wants to be a seven.

    That party was delightful. We had quite the time. We haven't stopped talking of it since. And your food... well, it was AMAZING. Even better than the people that you brought together--and they were fantastic. I tried to be witty for you. I'll try harder next time. :-)

  3. See that's why I like checking your blog. I feel quite proud of your intelligence--like because we are friends and I admire you so much that I have some sort of ownership in your wittiness and humor. And your cooking . . . I know I have nothing at all to do with that. I can't like it because I never know what to cook that I can cook fast with the few ingredients I have hanging around, and I never make enough time to menu plan . . .

  4. It's clearly a five. It's merely been interrupted by the ridge in the lid?

    Jordan and I thoroughly enjoyed your dinner party last week. Everything was top notch--the people, the food, everything.

  5. Megan, you were fabulously witty. I had trouble keeping up. Marilyn, you know the most wonderful people! I love talking with your friends. And then you serve my husband's favorite breakfast, thus letting me off the hook for the whole Father's Day breakfast thing . . . I am so lucky to be your friend! Do you think I could convince your group to come to my house for a party? The house and cooking will not be as fine, but they same witty conversation should ensue.

  6. I just wrote a super cool comment and it didn't work. I don't think I can manage another super cool comment. You will just have to get by knowing that it was there. Now it's not.

    I wish I was your neighbor. I would totally invite myself over to your house for dinner. I'd even try to be witty.


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