Light, colors, monsters

A few pictures for you, of various things:
Some pictures from an evening thunderstorm the other night.  Very interesting yellow light.
Monkeys and bear in tree

Pretty pastels on the clothesline

Daisy sniffs at a ladybug (disappointed that, of the thousands of ladybugs in the area, she didn't succeed in eating ONE of them!)

Glowing colors on the roses---almost fluorescent!
The Good Monster speaks in his monster voice


  1. For most of my growing up life my family has had an "our family tree" in the house that consisted of a fake tree and all our ancesters, ie many stuffed monkeys. Hilarious when people would notice all the monkeys and ask about it.

  2. I know that yellow light. I like the faint mountains in the first shot. And all the angles. Interesting neighborhood, yours. I like all of these. But I think most amazing is that I can hear the voice simply by looking at the face. And Daisy should be grateful she didn't get to eat the bug; they don't taste good.

    I am not familiar with monkeys, but bears in trees, yes.

  3. I know I am repeating myself here, but Malachi is so nummy, nummy I could just eat him up!!!!

  4. I secretly color-code my clothes in my closet--they just look so much prettier! It's nice to know I'm not alone.


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