Can a marshmallow be too big?*

Perhaps you've seen or heard of these extra-large "campfire marshmallows."  Sam came home with them from the grocery store the other day (NOT on the list) and we were all starry-eyed and excited to try them out. 
We wanted to love them.  But I'm afraid I must warn you away from them.  The problem is that they are just too big.  Tragically, this means that even when pleasantly toasty and browned on the outside, the inner core remains dense and unmelted.  True, you can remove the outer shell and re-roast the inner core, but . . . it's messy and I don't recommend trying it.
Also they don't fit in kids' mouths very well.  Not that, if you are making s'mores anyway, you were planning on clean kids' mouths; and if the taste was superior perhaps I could forgive the unwieldiness.  But, when the child goes to pick up the marshmallow from his plate and comes away with hands like this . . .

(and, I might add, the degree of this mess alarmed even Sebby---if you know him well, you can see the panic budding just behind this smile.  It was only averted when he saw I was going to laugh instead of scold him . . . )

then (in my opinion), it is TOO MESSY.

Sorry, campfire marshmallows.  We know we step squarely** away from the cutting edge here, and call us pedestrian if you wish, but we'll be sticking to*** your smaller, and infinitely more manageable, brethren in the future.
*If you've seen Ghostbusters, you already know the answer to this question is YES.
***Ha! ha!


  1. speaking of cooking and marshmallows, have you ever thought about making your own marshmallows? I've heard they're infinitely preferable, then you can make them the size you want. The only thing is they are square not round.

  2. Katy: yep, I've made my own marshmallows (haven't I posted that recipe?) but I don't really find them "infinitely preferable." They're pretty good. The texture is different. I'm not that big of a marsmallow fan anyway, I guess (although I do like them okay toasted). But yes, square. You could cut them round, though.

  3. Wow. Now Max is trying to lick the monitor.


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