Desert flowers

The wildflowers are really, really beautiful in the desert this time of year.  It is amazing to me that these can grow without (much) water!  They are particularly striking because of all the subdued browns and greys around them.  There were huge fields full of yellow and orange and lavender flowers.  First they just looked like washes of paint over the fields, and as you got closer they'd resolve into more defined points of color:
And then close up, the flowers were so delicate and pretty.  I love them!
Also, a few pictures of playing in the soft red sand:
Ky was pretending he was a train going down the hill.  Above him you can see the long "track" he made as he slid down.

We got QUITE dirty, but everyone had such a good time.  ALMOST everyone, that is . . .
Daisy was VERY ALARMED by the (sight of? texture of? quantity of?) sand.  She thus gained the distinction of being the only child I've ever met who doesn't love the stuff.  She actually started shaking, her little arms quivering and her lip trembling too.  This continued until we picked her up, and then she climbed frantically up Sam until she was perched on his shoulder; the better to get far, far away from the ground.  Poor little lamb.


  1. So what you're saying is, Daisy is a GIRL????

    One year, there was a huge migration of butterflies. or was it moths? Maybe moths. No - butterflies. Stop me if I've already told this. They were - no joke - EVERYWHERE in town, in the valley - all across the desert.

    I had a male friend who got a little panicked one day on his way, walking to BYU when he stopped at a corner where there were millions of them resting on the ground - when he stepped close, they swirled up around him in a living tornado, and for a moment, he was so disoriented and swallowed, it freaked him out.

    I drove to LA that year with friends. And the migration was so huge, you couldn't go three feet on I-15 without killing ten of the things with your windshield. I'm not exaggerating when I say you had to stop every 20 minutes and clean off the windshield because it was solid squished butterflies.

    But the desert had come alive in a way I've never seen before or since. The flowers were blooming wildly, as far as the eye could see. And the smell? Holy Hannah, it was wonderful. I guess it was a once in a lifetime thing. magical. Amazing.

  2. Too sweet. I just love you Nielsons!

  3. K: What?!? I've never heard about that butterfly migration. I can't be comfortable with the idea of butterflies so thick you have to clean them off the windshield every few minutes. Yuck! And the butterfly tornado seems like it should be beautiful, but it sounds scary too. But then, the flowers sound amazing. Maybe worth it, for that.

    And re: Daisy, hmm, yes, perhaps her differing behavior does have to do with her gender. Do you find it odd that I hadn't even thought of that? :)

  4. Whatever you need to do to get it, obtain a Daisy shirt in my size asap!
    I love family outings like this!!! Hooray for all of you!

  5. Just goes to prove she's a girl through and through. She just doesn't like dirt.


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