My finest hour

I glued the little silverware holder to the rest of the dish drainer with plastic-bonding superglue.  And it is A Triumph.  Right up there with the time Rachael and I improvised a lengthy piano duet of "Sleigh Ride/God Be With You Till We Meet Again" while we were roommates.  Or the time I made my music professor (M. Boren) laugh out loud during his lecture (I believe it was when I quoted The Prodigal Son seminary movie, my voice breaking at the appropriate point: "I've been the good guy.  I've been the good guy!").  Or the time I spelled "repartee" in Boggle.

What possible reason could they have for not attaching that thing in the first place, anyway?


  1. Nice work, Marilyn. Your cleverness astounds me, as always.
    And, making M. Boren laugh out loud at any time is, indeed, and accomplishment. I would like to hear the circumstances that provoked that quote.
    We actually do use the removable feature on the silverware bin, but that's just because the boys take it with them to the drawer when it's time to empty it. But it looks like your container wouldn't really stand up on it's own. In which case, our methodology wouldn't work for you.

  2. That is most triumphant I'd say-and I'm impressed that you cracked Boren too, that's amazing.

  3. This post makes me happily anticipate seeing you on Friday.

  4. I'm so proud of you, besting those men (no offence, men) who designed the dishwashers of the world without even using them in their own homes. Honestly. You can't fit a plate in mine.

  5. It's such a joy to read you, girl-o. When I flick your rhetoric with a finger, it rings like a dang bell.


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